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Dec 7, 2021
Hi everybody,
This post could be split across several sections but I didn't want to be a pest. I have been doing a lot of reading but there isn't much real info.

You can answer with a url to reliable sites You do not need to spend a lot of time writing unless you want to.

Should I translate to another language when I email or post a thread?

AMT-Dongle is the only place I could find support for MT8768.
Are they really the only ones?
Do I really need the dongle?
Are there cables that attach to dongles or is it just a sfw key?
I WILL NOT USE pirate software of any kind. Thank you but please don't send.
I sent AMT Dongle 3 emails in 5 days no reply.
Did they get them?
Why won't they reply?

I have 3 BlackView Devices and no factory firmware available to me.
I do not trust firmware on other, non mfg sites.
Where/how do professionals like you get clean factory firmware?
Is a reputable site/service? What other sites are available?
They haven't replied to 3 emails, in 5 days either.

Are boxes more reliable than dongles?
What can boxes do that dongles or standalone software can't?
What are the differences between a $300 USD box and a $50 USD box?
Does "ACTIVATE 1,2,3,4.... mean 1= oldest devices and 4 = the newest devices?

I am interest in being a US Distributer.
There are not many here and there are more and more cheaper Asian devices every day.
Is there reason that there are not many distribs here?

I'm sorry for such long message. I have tried other sites and not much answers.

I have money. I understand this is a business I have worked in High Tech for 20 years and i'm not a jerk.

Thank You,
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