No possibility to flash Xiaomi


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 : Sep 5, 2020
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 :  Edinburgh
I have purchased dongle for 99 usd, I have purchased 10 usd credits. I am not able to flash Xiaomi mi 10 pro. The same was with Xiaomi k 20 pro. I have been trying to flash it for 4 days now. I trie to flash it at different times. In the morning, in the evening. I try sometimes every one hour. I always get message We have run out all available slots please try again in 59 minutes. I try to time it perfectly. I even use a stopwatch. But it does not help at all.

Even one technician from Ufi tried to flash the phone via team viewer. He could not too.
What is it happening? Why is there such a problem? I paid 110 usd and can't flash the phone. Could you please fix the problem? I paid 110 usd. I want to have it working. Could someone please fix the problem? Could someone from ufi team help me to solve the problem?
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