Qmobile LCD Compatibility list [Tested]

Rizwan ch08

Friend's Martview
Dec 7, 2016
here is mine.

E4= E550
E6= E7, E60, E85, Club S2, S3
E450= Q55, E480, Q7, Glx w6
E770= E10, M550
M500= E2
E750= E600, E8
E440= M400, E40
E220= Q1, Q2
here are more.

E120= E786, E785, 787, 790
E400i= M6, M50
E5= VOICE 360, CLUB A3
E960= A100
E760= E9

Club A95= A52, A72
Voice V140 = Gfive WP89
Club M200= Qmobile B45
Qmobile E50 > B25

Qmobile B65 14p ( Without Diodes) > Qmobile S200 ( 18p)
Gfive W5=W6 and Voice V170
100% tested

Qmobile R550 (24p) = E50

Qmobile E6= E755 (37p)
Qmobile E780 = E775 (44p)

qmobile g300===q440 qb120 qm400

V190 = q a195

r740 =r650 tested

QMobile L2 + B8 print 14 tested
qmobile x4_19pin---N175
R550+r370 24pin
R200+r390+h63 15pin
Qmobile N90 (16p) = Qmobile N100
QMOBILE R1100 +R750 24pin tested

G five lcd 20pin + voice v155 30pin tested

Q mobile E50 lcm _A2 24pin + voice v541 tested

Q mobile E50 24PIN + B60 tested

Voice V410 - 24pin = Qmobile M450 -30pin
Make jumper For light Connections

Qmobile Power 1 24PIN = Qmobile M450 30 Pin Tested ok Display
Light Connections Need To Adjust

Qmobile R400 - 18 Pin = Qmobile B65 14 Pin
Flex Ribbon Is Short Need to Jumper

will update more soon.