HOT Release Pragmafix New Exe V.5.31 - 15 Dec 2021 "1st In The World" Viewer Bitmap Dioda Show Value for 7 Models of Multimeter

Pragmafix Team

Product Manager
Feb 5, 2021
We Release New Exe V.5.31 Today, 15 Dec 2021

1. Download this new exe automaticaly trough Updater.exe on pragmafix folder, it will offer to you automatically btw ( hope your pc support auto update certificate ) it was pragmafix V. 5.31, You can go to our website as well, Full installer and Patch exe only goto
2. Bitmap engine Viewer can show Dioda Mode Value for 7 Models of Multimeter from Bitmap file
3. Bitmap can be Turn on / off pads blinking only or component blinking in the same time, bugs pop up fixed, etc...
4. Server speed improvement
5. Security improvement

pragmafix v5.31.jpg