S10 FRP bypass no longer working


Junior Member
Oct 14, 2021
I cant understand why but the MTP FRP bypass method is suddenly not working for me, its not just on a new version either i have units on software as old as U3, the driver installs but it doesnt open anything at all. ive tried different apps (halabtechtool, Samfirm AIO, Easy Samsung FRP) and tried multiple PCs but its the same on all of them, i dont quite understand how the hell it can have been fixed on an old software version but no matter what i do it wont open the browser/youtube/maps/galaxy apps

so far my only success was on U7 where samsung pass is available from the keyboard options, but that trick only seems to work on U7 and most of my units are on UB. does anyone know of any actually working methods? im starting to run out of ideas at this point. while ive titled it as S10 i have the same issue on all S models now