SafePal Earn is now LIVE and make DeFi easier for everyone


Jun 27, 2020
Kuala Lumpur
SafePal Earn is a yield aggregator built in the SafePal App for users to earn additional yield from their crypto holdings.
It enables users to stake crypto assets into DeFi mining pools and earn passive interests from these pools, all done natively in the wallet
without actually jumping to third-party DApps. Within the first stage, SafePal Earn has implemented some of the most popular pools from PancakeSwap and ApeSwap,
while more blockchains and protocols will be gradually implemented in the future.

We welcome you to download the latest V2.9.0 SafePal App to start the effortless crypto-yielding experience.

DeFi is difficult, before SafePal Earn.

For a crypto beginner, the learning curve with DeFi is usually long and complex. After climbing the high mountains of fiat onramp,
wallet usage, and blockchain know-how, learning to use DeFi is no doubt another exhausting journey. To complete a DeFi use cycle,
crypto beginners typically need to go through at least 11 steps before he/she can start to earn profits from the smart contracts,
let alone the potential security risks of rug pulls and being hacked.

SafePal Earn is designed to change this situation.

SafePal Earn — DeFi Made Simple

SafePal Earn is a yield aggregator built in the SafePal App that combines some of the most popular DeFi pools into a clear, concise,
and friendly interface. In SafePal Earn, users can stake crypto in a few simple steps and earn passive yield out of the pools,
without having to open third-party DApps or store the necessary gas fee tokens needed to compound the pools.
SafePal Earn provides a convenient way for users to navigate the DeFi world safely and manage crypto assets easily.

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