SamKey Team Is The Worst People To Interact


Nov 9, 2021
SamKey team tough guys behind the computer screen,they can never do real business,like giving people actual customer service,bunch of cowards.
i am shocked for almost 2 weeks now,not because i lost 1215 credits (roughly around $1000 US dollars).I am shocked because SAMKEY team is accusing me for hacking and spying on their network,lol. Ofcourse its a lie,SAMKEY just hate on you if you are unlocking phones or maybe they have real medical problems,(GOD KNOWS).

i run small business and i have been using samkey service for 2 years (on and off).i buy samkey credits from a reseller,Thats the only reason why i am not contacting my bank for refund,because its not reseller fault.

i did mention to the reseller about this and he secretly gave me one of the samkey team member whatsup,even this guy is rude but atleast he is not using bad language,and he is also giving me other samkey members whatsup (vahid3) contact,but ofcourse vahid only replied "you should always contact via skype not whatsup" then he blocked me.

Today on skype,i got a message from samkey "block accounts department" that ,my account is permanently blocked and all my credits are gone and even if i make another account and buy more credits that will also get blocked.

LOL why will i ever buy more credits and download samkey,its not oxygen buddy.
SAMKEY team/support is so wrong to think that people need them no matter what,Its business,i pay you you give me service,you are not doing me favor for free.
Finally Guys,i hope nobody have to go through this type of unnecessary stress and waste their money.
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