Samsung FRP Reset Via TP ( Test Point)


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May 27, 2017
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Operation : MTK One Click
Hold VOL UP + DOWN and connect USB Cable.
Some phone may have different key combination for BROM mode.
Waiting for device in BROM mode...
Port: COM67
Port Name: MediaTek PreLoader USB VCOM_V1632 (Android) (COM67)
Path: \\?\usb#vid_0e8d&pid_2000#5&2a6d7c22&0&2#{86e0d1e0-8089-11d0-9ce4-08003e301f73}
Preloader Mode Detected, Trying to crash...
- Success!
Port: COM69
Port Name: MediaTek USB Port_V1632 (COM69)
Path: \\?\usb#vid_0e8d&pid_0003#5&2a6d7c22&0&2#{86e0d1e0-8089-11d0-9ce4-08003e301f73}
Chipset: 0x0766, [MT6765]
Hardware Info: 0x8A00, 0xCA00, 0x00
SecureBoot: True
SLA: False
DA Auth: True
Disabling WatchDog...
- Success
Sending Payload data...
- Payload sent
Initiating Control Transfer...
- Done
Waiting for result...
Disable Auth Success
Preloader saved as : preloader_s96116ca1_211006_174702.bin
DA : MTK_AllInOne_DA.bin
Waiting for Phone in Flash Mode...
Connect Power Off phone within 30 secs...
Port : MediaTek USB Port_V1632 (COM69)
Connected to BROM.
Sending Download Agent...
connect DA end stage: 2, enable DRAM in 1st DA: 0
Connected to Download Agent..
Syncing with Target...
Reading Partition Table...
Storage : eMMC
Reading Device Information...
Build Date : Mon Jun 14 10:27:09 KST 2021
Build Flavor : a10sxx-user
Build Desc. : a10sxx-user 10 QP1A.190711.020 A107FXXU8BUF1 release-keys
Android Ver. : 10
Display ID : QP1A.190711.020.A107FXXU8BUF1
Patch Level : 2021-04-01
Platform : MT6765
Board : S96116CA1
Platform : mt6765
Platform : MT6765
Board : S96116CA1
Platform : mt6765
Seeking FRP Data...
Resetting FRP...
- Success!
- Resetting FRP[2]...
- Success!
Disconnect Battery/Cable and Power On Phone.
[UltimateMTK Ver. 4.4]