Samsung J310F- Frp Reset Done All Box After Reset Frp Blank Display

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Oct 26, 2016
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Samsung J310F- Frp Reset Done All Box After Reset Frp Blank Display

RealTerm and Driver for PC
Plug the phone to the computer using a USB cable
Conduct setup on your phone, and then to step wireless connection ask Google account password, then it stops. Insert SIM MACHINE !!!
Open RealTerm on the computer, the " Display" area select "HALF DUPLEX"
Open Devices Manager to open the Modem will see SAMSUNG Mobile USB Modem
Right click select " Properties", select the tab "Modem" then view port is COM few (for example alone is COM12 always offline!)
Back RealTerm, open the tab " Port" type the number of COM ports (for example, type 12 to COM12) and click " Change"
Switch to tab " Send", send the following command in turn 2, finished typing press " Send ASCII"
1st Command:
Second Command:
The screen will show up call, end a call queue quickly press " Messenge" (Texting) Create message content is: and click send!
Click on the link " " just send machines Google page opens, type the search "Samsung Galaxy Apps", open to looking to download Galaxy Apps
Give samsung account
Install files
and then install file -08.2016.apk BypassFRP , then press the menu button to open up the upper right corner 3 dots select " Login Browser "
Post a Google account any of you in, login is complete, restart the phone
It will report added the account, press setup on the inside as usual. Done!