New Samsung J600g not charging done..


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Aug 13, 2019
Unit: Samsung J600g
Problem: Received the unit dead, owner says the phone sometimes charge but most of the time it does not.

Initial Inspection: Corroded charging pin.

1st attempt:
- Replaced charging pin but still the same problem

2nd attempt:
- Replace S2MU005X03 charging i.c still the same.

3rd attemp:
- Line trace and Voltage testing finally done.

Upon checking capacitor C5110 positive line should have 5 volts reading when charger is connected..

This unit i'm repairing does not have 5 volts. The perfect solution for this is to replace KTS1681 surge protection i.c but since I do not have it, I just bypassed the 5v line to VBUS_5V_CON

After jumping the line, the unit is able to charge properly..

Hope it helps...