Cheetah Tool SC-03K "Please write security again"

Cheetah Tool


Aug 18, 2017
Connecting to device...Ok
Model : SC-03K
Hardware : qcom
Modem : SC03KOMU1CTG1
CSC Version : SC03KDCM1CTG1
Android version : 10
Sales code : DCM
Phone Carrier : DCM
Serial Number : 228acde90d047ece
Debug Level : 0x4948
Permissive : Enforcing
Warranty VOID : 0
Sim State : ABSENT
initializing SIM: Success! 

Getting Receiving data from server!

Reading data from Modem: Ok! 
Reading CPID: Ok! 
Reading MSL ID: Ok! 
Reading IMEI Security: 000000000000000 

Getting AUTH data from server!

Reading Security from server for: SC03KOMU1CTG1 Ok! 

Credit Balance: 4 
Opertation Need: 2 Credit. 
Checking charge Credit: Ok. 
Checking RIL: Ok! 
Writing Security Processing!
Never disconnect the cable from the device Please Wait! 

Installzing Applet Tool...Ok
Reseting MSL...
Please Write SEC Again.
Operation Finished!

I've tried multiple times but same error again and again. IMEI is 0 now. Please assist.