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This forum is open for all users, Forum moderators and Admins hold no responsibility if anyone got cheated.
Admins/mods Job:
Do everything in order to make this forum safe from cheaters!!

Admins/mods Right:
Will not tolerate any insult to any member of the team without FACTS and PROOFS


After this important introduction, Please read the below rules carefully:

Anyone charged with a cheat has the right to be presumed innocent until proved guilty .

2- Thread starter must add Martview's forum id of his opponent.

Thread starter must post all proofs he can provide in his first post otherwise thread will be deleted .

4-Don't force Admins and mods to take actions, we will read and evaluate all proofs.Then actions will be taken accordingly(Either delete or Post user as cheater).

5- Post a clear title in order to avoid misunderstanding.(No insulting in the Title).

6- Every Seller has his Rules.Make sure you Read Them before making business.

7- Don't start thread if the amount is less than 50 USD or thread will be deleted.

8-Only English Language is allowed.

9-No rude language admitted for any reason.

These rules are not final and can be reviewed by Administrations any time so keep checking them for any update.
Not open for further replies.