Set your Name or Alias on Pool


Jun 27, 2020
Kuala Lumpur

How to set name in explorer? (alias)​

Launcher ID is how a farmer is identified for each Plot NFT.
That is a long hexadecimal string and not user-friendly.
For easier identification in our pool, we allow users to set a friendly name for the explorer,
an alias for your launcher ID.

Using the command line:
Grab your launcher ID: chia plotnft show
With your launcher ID, get the link: chia plotnft get_login_link -l LAUNCHER_ID
Open the link with your browser, set the name and click Save.

Using Chia UI:
Under Pools menu select your Plot NFT, click the 3 dot menu and then View pool login link.
Copy the link and open in your browser, set the name and click Save.

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