Sigma Key rip off


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 : Jan 8, 2020
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I would like to know how the developers of sigma key can operate without considering themselves liars, cheats, scam artist and thieves ? When I purchased Sigma Key dongle Huawei Edition it was advertised and sold as "lifetime license" with more phones and future updates included. Less than a year after purchasing they expect me to pay for the very things that were purchased to begin with. I mean tool functions for Huawei on Huawei edition should be included with lifetime license. Not purchasing more packs which if purchased there is no guarantee that they won't hold you up for more money next year to be able to use your lifetime license. I guess I should add extortionist to their accolades. This is nothing but a blatant lie from lowlifes doing shitty business online. They could not and would not do such were they to have to stand in a store and face the people they ripped off. I don't know therm but do know they wouldn't be man enough to stand toe to toe and pull the crap they pull. And yes, I know this will be taken down almost immediately, but I would really, really like for someone to explain to me how this works. The God on this side of the world frowns on liars and thieves. Is it different there, does no one care about themselves and what kind of person they are ?


 : Nov 21, 2019
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Sigma is a life time activation, you don't need a yearly subscription. Now look carefully about the past two or three years, huawei security became very difficult for developers to work on hence so many huawei phones without solutions. If you look at all the teams that support huawei, is either they are quite or not doing much in this regard. Sigma was able to give us kirim 710, 810 frp, ID, vendor solution free of charge. The other teams that managed to have solution closer to Sigma are charging for these same operations on a credit upon which we still need to pay yearly subscription. I have used Sigma for more than three years before the introduction of pack4 which I think is fair. It's only fair if we can support them so they can do more research and give us exclusive but free solution. Sigma is worth it

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