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QR-Barcode Generator & Scanner is an android QR code scanning application.
QR-Barcode offers all the required features.
It’s easy to use and working for any format of code like 1D ( Barcode, UPC, CODE_128), 2D (QR code), etc.

► Super friendly code
► Well commented code
► UI Material Design
► Equip with all modern features
► QR/Barcode Scanning: Users are able to scan any QR/Barcode and retrieve the value of
the QR/Barcode.
► Generate QR/Barcode: Users are able to generate QR/Barcode with the value.
► Users are able to upload an image containing scan any QR/Barcode and retrieve them
value of the QR/Barcode.
► Users are able to get the history of the scanned or generated QR/Barcode.

Download at Google Play for Android: QR-Barcode Generator & Scanner