UFS FFU Updating problem


Nov 29, 2019
i have a problem with updating FFU can someone told me what problem can be it is...
Chip Info:
Manufacturer: SAMSUNG
ProductName: KLUCG2K1EA-B0C1
SerialNumber: 238ca05c470d
Firmware Version: 1.00
UFS Version: 2.1

Maximum Number of LUs: 8
Number of LUs found: 6
   LUN 0:
      Block size: 0x1000
      Size: 0xE00400000 / 56,004,000,000B / 56GB
   LUN 1 (Boot A):
      Block size: 0x1000
      Size: 0x800000 / 0,008,000,000B / 8MB
   LUN 2 (Boot B):
      Block size: 0x1000
      Size: 0x800000 / 0,008,000,000B / 8MB
   LUN 3:
      Block size: 0x1000
      Size: 0x400000 / 0,004,000,000B / 4MB
   LUN 4:
      Block size: 0x1000
      Size: 0xE0000000 / 3,512,000,000B / 3GB
   LUN 5:
      Block size: 0x1000
      Size: 0x4000000 / 0,064,000,000B / 64MB
Number of W-LUs found: 1
   W-LUN 0xC4 (RPMB):
      Block size: 0x100
      Size: 0x1000000 / 0,016,000,000B / 16MB
Full size: 0xEE6800000 / 59,616,000,000B / 59GB

 Counter: 386

 Device life time method A: 0x01 (0%-10% device life time used)
 Device life time method B: 0x01 (0%-10% device life time used)
 Pre End of Life: 0x01 (Used less then 80% of reserved blocks)

Write UFS Firmware.
Input file :D:\EMMC_DUMP\!_UFS Firmware\samsung-klucg2k1ea-b0c1.bin
Update Firmware
Can't write firmware to chip, Code: -414, Reason: UAP SCSI: Command sense: MISCOMPARE
and also i have very large quantity of various emmc and ufs (as new and used ones ) i can try make a dump FWs and upload it here ... if someone can say how it can be done...