Cheetah Tool unlock a115u done

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Mar 20, 2018
unlock a115u sprint done

Connecting to device...Ok
Model : SM-A115U
Hardware : qcom
Modem : A115USQS4AUF1
CSC Version : A115UOYN4AUF1
Android version : 10
Sales code : SPR
Phone Carrier : SPR
Serial Number : R95N70Q70CJ
Debug Level : 0x4948
Permissive : Enforcing
Warranty VOID :
SIM operator :
Sim State : ABSENT
initializing SIM: Success!

Getting Receiving data from server!

Reading data from Modem: Ok!
Reading CPID: Ok!
Reading MSL ID: Ok!
Reading IMEI Security: 355358111342500

Getting AUTH data from server!

Reading Security from server for: A115USQS4AUF1 Ok!

Checking Support Models: Ok
Credit Balance: 21
Opertation Need: 4 Credit.
Checking charge Credit: Ok.
Checking RIL: Ok!
Download data: Ok!
Unlock Network Processing!
Never disconnect the cable from the device Please Wait!

Installzing Applet Tool...Ok
Reading Data From Phone...Ok
Send SERVER Calculator...OK
Unlock Success!
Operation Finished!