xiaomi auth service so baaaaad


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 : Jul 2, 2020
 : 17
 : 1
 :  turkey
im trying to flash note 10 lite from 5 days and not sloved every time after after after.... i want know when i can use this service like any good service .... im using the ufi dongle only for xiaomi auth
pllllz i want solution


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 : Sep 5, 2020
 : 20
 : 4
 :  Edinburgh
any solution ???????!!!!!
I am trying to flash xiaomi mi 10 pro using ufi dongle. All the time run out of slots. Please try again in 59 minutes.
I have tried about 30 times. I spent four days and still the same. Run out of slots. Is this normal? Did you have the same issues? Please help because I am loosing my hope. I spent 99 usd for dongle and 10 usd for credits.
They just do not care they do not solve the problem.

Did you manage to flash the phone?