Free Xiaomi REDMI ( MI Account ) Permanent Solutions

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Oct 6, 2018
Xiaomi REDMI ( MI Account ) Permanent Solutions

Solution 1: If the bootloader is unlocked and/or you can flash TWRP (I prefer TWRP), WIPE EVERYTHING and INSTALL a CUSTOM ROM if available.

Solution 2: Mail MI about the issue (will take a lot of time hence not talking about it much)

Solution 3: This method worked for me and I hope will work for you as well. This is a workaround to make ur device useful till you get support from MI officially. Steps are mentioned below:
  • HARD RESET your phone
  • After booting (keep in mind that the boot will take time), the phone will start from setup *again*
  • When you get an option to select "Keyboard", choose to google keyboard.
  • Proceed with further steps it will now show 'Your phone is linked with some MI account (which you know does not exist anymore)', It will directly ask your password. Below password, you can click on "policy" and open that link with "GOOGLE".
  • Now in the search bar, tap and write "Settings". Wait for a few seconds to load all the results and you will find your phone's settings are accessible to you.
  • Get the "Developer option" ON and go to developer options to enable "OEM Unlocking (if not already ON)" and "Android Debugging".
  • Now connect your phone to your PC (I'm assuming your PC is set up with ADB)
  • After connecting, you type ABD devices and it will show something like this:
adb devices
adb shell
cp /system/priv-app/FindDevice/FindDevice.apk /sdcard/
pm uninstall -k --user 0 com.xiaomi.finddevice
adb devices
adb shell
cp /system/priv-app/CloudServiceSysbase/CloudServiceSysbase.apk /sdcard/
pm uninstall -k --user 0 com.miui.cloudservice
Enjoy :hmm: