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Jun 10, 2019

Download XperiFirm Tool for Windows, Linux, and Mac – All Versions

XperiFirm is a highly useful tool that allows downloading the current latest Sony firmware for all Sony devices like Smartphones, tablets, and accessories running Android OS.

Xperifirm Tool is an Xperia Firmware downloader, and it can be used on any platform like Windows, Mac, and Linux. However, to run Xperifirm flashtool on Mac and Linux, Mono must be installed.

Xperifirm makes the tedious task of downloading original Sony firmware or ROM easy. It takes away the hassle of searching suitable firmware for an Xperia device model simple. Xperiafirm is also sometimes referred to as a Sony firmware update tool, as it allows downloading the latest stock firmware for Sony devices.

Features of Xperifirm downloader Tool​

  • Downloads Sony firmware from Official Servers
  • Download the latest firmware for the selected Sony device (by device model)
  • Pause and resume downloads
  • Support for accessories like Smartwatches
  • Packing firmware in Flashable FTF file (Sony Xperia flash file)
  • Automatically checks for Sony Firmware update.

Xperifirm Download for Windows, Mac, and Linux​

Below we have shared all the versions of the XperiFirm Flash Tool, which are released so far. Download XperiFirm latest version and download Sony Firmware/Sony Xperia Firmware for your Sony Smartphone.

Download XperiFirm v5.4.0 for Windows, Linux and Mac​

XperiFirm Tool v5.4.0 makes the tedious task of manually searching and downloading stock Sony Xperia firmware easy. Xperifirm v5.4.0 downloads Sony firmware from official servers, and there is no chance of downloading corrupted firmware. Here on this page, you can download Xperifirm v5.4.0 for Windows 10/7/8/8.1, Linux, and Mac.


Xperifirm v5.4.0 Changelog​

  • FIX: Fixed unpacking while using Mono for Linux.
Below you can download Xperifirm v5.4.0 for Windows, Linux, and Mac. To use it on Linux and Mac, install Mono on your system (instructions provided below).


Requirements for Windows​

Xperifirm requires .Net Framework and Sony USB Drivers installed on a Windows PC. Below is the information on which .Net Framework version required depending on the Windows version you are running.

XperiFirm Downloader for Linux​

Xperifirm Tool can be used on Linux systems with the help of Mono. Complete instructions on how to install Mono and how to use Xperifirm Tool on Linux are provided here.

Xperifirm Tool for Mac​

Similar to the Linux System, Mac also requires Mono to run Xperifirm. Complete instructions on how to install Mono on Mac and using Xperifirm on Mac are provided here.

[*] Sony USB Drivers: It is required that you have proper Sony USB Driver installed on your computer. It allows Xperifirm Tool to detect the device and download the suitable firmware.
[*] Take Backup First: Before flashing the downloaded stock Sony firmware using Sony Mobile Flasher, it is recommended to take a complete backup of your data.
[*] Always Scan First: We have scanned XperiFirm_5.4.0_(by_Igor_Eisberg).zip before sharing it here. However, we still recommend you to scan the file before using it.

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